Before the start of the company at the end of the 20th century, we wished for becoming a company that could provide health and beauty to people living in the 21th century. For that, the most important thing was to make safe and secure products using genuine Japanese ingredients.
To turn our wishes into reality, we started by looking into various herbs and natural ingredients. And we came across Fucoidan, which many Japanese people did not know yet, and which are contained in Okinawa-mozuku that Japanese people have been eating since ancient times.
As we encounter Fucoidan and work with university research institutes, Fucoidan enhances the body's immunity, improves the intestinal environment, moisturizes the skin, and improves various lifestyle-related diseases we knew and we were impressed by its effectiveness.
We continue to be a company that provides customers with pleasing products and services that will bring them a healthy and happy future.

Company name:
January 1990
20 million yen
Masazi Nakamizo (Chairman&CEO)
Hayato Nakano (President)
Business details:
Retail (mail-order) and wholesale (cosmetics and supplements)
112 (as of JUL 2020)
Head office location:
2-1-1 Omiya, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, 810-0013, Japan
This is the official-ventuno-website. Please purchase ventuno products here.
Please, be careful other sites where resales and an imitation are sold.

In order to deliver safe and reliable products to our cutomers, we have a consistent in-house management system from development to sales.
We sell popular products in Japan to our overseas customers. We are thinking about how we can respond to the wishes of our customers because we can’t ask directly whether the delivered products are pleased by overseas customers or whether they can be used with confidence.
Our wish is not to provide temporary support, but to be a company that helps our customers live a healthy and beautiful life.