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Breath care supplement. Contains Lactobacilli, Fucoidan, persimmon extract, and Lactoferrin, which strongly support the oral environment. (Made in Japan)

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There is a mucosal immune system in the mouth.
The major role of immunity is to protect the body from viruses and bacteria that invate the body. Since the mouth is these entry points, there is mucosal tissue that prevents entry. The mucous membrane itself is the immune system. When a pathogen invades the mouth, the IgA antibody of the mucous membrane attaches to the pathogen, detoxifies it and excreted through the intestine.

Increase immunity with oral care in addition to brushing teeth.
One study compared a group that only brushed their teeth with a group that brushed their teeth with other oral care. The group with careful oral care had an overwhelmingly lower prevalence of flu. Dirt in the mouth cannot be completely removed by brushing your teeth. If the inside of the mouth is dirty, the effect of mucosal immunity cannot be fully exerted. Take good care of your oral care to boost your immunity and prevent viral infections.

Are you worried about your sticky mouth and bad breath?
The smell of breath is hard to notice on your own. Also, even if you intend to take care of your mouth with daily brushing, your gums may be strained. Manten-Toiki contains plenty of oral care ingredients such as lactic acid bacteria, high molecular weight CUA fucoidan, lactoferrin and xylitol. The delicious yogurt flavor keeps it easy every day.

The most effective usage points
●Please take one or two tablets a day, lick and melt it on your tongue, not crunch immediately.
●We recommend to take it after teeth brushing before sleep.
●The causative bacteria tend to breed while sleeping, so take Manten-Toiki after brushing teeth before going to bed.
●Do not crunch immediately into the mouth, slowly lick it and melt to keep the ingredients in the mouth for as long as possible.

Highly recommended for
☑ people who want to talk without worrying about bad breath.
☑ people who always want to keep their mouth clean.
☑ people who always want to keep fresh breath.
☑ people who want to solve the sticky mouth in the morning.
☑ people who feel not enough about oral care by only brushing teeth.
☑ people who always want to eat with own teeth now and forever.

Uses carefully selected natural ingredients

Why is this popular?
Periodontal disease is not just an oral disease. Recently, various studies have revealed the relationship between periodontal disease and general health. For example, there are reports that many people with diabetes have periodontal disease and that periodontal disease is difficult to cure. It has also been pointed out that the association between periodontal disease and heart disease, pneumonia, osteoporosis, etc. To prevent periodontal disease, it is necessary to brush on the surface of the teeth, between teeth, and between the teeth and gums. Even though the person thinks sufficiently polished, it is often not enough with a toothbrush alone, so this organic product is very popular to reduce the bacteria by eating it after brushing teeth before sleep.

Why do we get periodontal disease?
Periodontal disease is caused by unpolished plaque on the teeth. Plaque is 80% water, and the remaining 20% is a mass of gingivalis, the causative agent of periodontal disease. Porphyromonas gingivalis produces toxins and inflames the gums.

Is periodontal disease associated with bad breath?
About 80% of adult halitosis is caused by gingivitis and alveolar pyorrhea. Porphyromonas gingivalis, the causative agent of periodontal disease, emits gas with an unpleasant odor containing volatile sulfur compounds, methyl mercaptan and sulfur, which can cause bad breath.

Manten-Toiki is the supplement for bad breath. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or children and you are taking any medicine, please consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product. Please close the chuck not to get wet after opening the product. There are times the tablets are broken, but there is no problem with the quality. The number used is just a guide. Please adjust the upper limit according to your mouth condition. The ideal is to keep fresh breath every day so please continue. Please discontinue use if it does not suit your physical condition or constitution. Contains Egg, Milk, Mushroom, Seaweed.

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